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In times of doubts and questionings, when our belief is perplexed by new learning, new teaching, new thought, when our faith is strained by creeds, by doctrines, by mysteries beyond our understanding, give us the faithfulness of learners and the courage of believers in thee; give us boldness to examine and faith to trust all truth; patience and insight to master difficulties; stability to hold fast our tradition with enlightened interpretation to admit all fresh truth made known to us, and in times of trouble, to grasp new knowledge readily and to combine it loyally and honestly with the old; alike from stubborn rejection of new revelations, and from hasty assurance that we are wiser than our fathers, Save us and help us, we humbly beseech thee, O Lord.

Bishop George Ridding, 1828-1904. From Oxford Book of Prayer, p.94.

This website contains PowerPoint presentations and handouts from our Adult Christian Education and Formation programs at St. John in the Wilderness, located at 2175 1st Street (Clark Avenue at 1st Street), White Bear Lake, Minnesota 55110-3488. St Johns is a member church of The Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Please feel free to use (and improve!) any of the information and downloads on this website.

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