Dementia Through a Spiritual Lens

Where is God on the treacherous and uncertain journey of a person with dementia? What is the essence of personhood? Is the one you have loved still there when personality and cognitive changes seem to create a different person? What if the person forgets God? Can one be a Christian disciple when she/he has forgotten Jesus? What does it mean to be part of the church when one can no longer participate? What is the church’s role for those affected by dementia? What finally endures when cognitive capacities are lost? What does salvation/wholeness really mean? How can one hope when loss is a constant companion?

In this series Sundays, November 29 through December 20, 2020, we explored these and other questions, based on Bishop Kenneth Carter's book, Ministry With The Forgotten: Dementia Through A Spiritual Lens. Presentations were by David Monyak.

Downloads: Presentations

1. Dementia Through a Medical Lens; 2. Dementia: Mind, Memory, and God

3. Dementia and God’s Nature and Action; 4. Dementia and the God Who Is Incarnate

5. Dementia and the Meaning of Personhood; 6. Dementia and the Meaning and Source of Salvation

7. Dementia and Christian Discipleship; 8. Dementia, Grieving, and Death

Primary Reference


Ministry With The Forgotten: Dementia Through A Spiritual Lens, Kenneth L. Carder. 2019, Abingdon Press, ISBN 978-1-5018-8024-7