Difficult Passages in Scripture: God Said What?!

There are difficult, even "dark" passages in the Bible, passages that seem to endorse evils like chattel slavery and the slaughter of innocent women and children, even genocide. There are passages that seem to contradict scientific or historical facts. There are passages where the Bible seems to contradict itself. Some atheists have claimed the best path to atheism is simply to read through the entire Bible with a cold, objective honesty! How do we confront and explain to others (and to ourselves) such "dark" passages? In these four sessions, we read and dissect a some of these difficult passages of Scripture.

Presentations were by David Monyak.

Downloads: Presentations

1. A God Who Commands Genocide?

2. Hyperbole? Or Not

3. Neither Male Nor Female? Paul and Women's Issues

4. Passages That Abrade 21st Century American Sensibilities



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