Christian Ethics: How Should We Live?

What makes an act right or wrong, good or bad? Is moral "rightness" and "wrongness" built into the fabric of reality in the same way as are mathematical truths? Is God good because God desires this built-in moral goodness? Or is what is "right" by definition whatever God wills or desires?

Since the universe is the manifestation of God's creative will, can we discover God's desire for us by studying ourselves and the creation around us ("natural law")?

Can an act's "rightness" or "wrongness" ever be determined by the consequences it leads to?

In this series we studied these and other issues in general ethics, and also began to tackle some problems in applied ethics. Presentations were by David Monyak.

Downloads: Presentations

Introduction: the Moral Quest

The Greek Ethical Tradition

Virtue and Happiness

The Divine Command Theory

Natural Law Ethics

Kant's Theory of Ethics

Ethics Based on Consequences

Ethics Grounded in Agapeic Love


War and the Quest for Peace

Human Sexuality and Marriage



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