The stories in the book of Exodus are central to faith of both Jews and Christians. For Jews, the stories tell of their liberation from slavery to Pharaoh to become servants of YHWH. For Christians, they are the framework for understanding the death of Jesus Christ, the "lamb who was slain." The stories drive to the heart of the questions of "who are God's people", and "who is the God who saves."

The text of Exodus is a culmination of recitations over many generations, as commanded by God in Exodus 12:24-27. It contains several types of literature: narrative, law, and liturgy. The stories may be considered a faithful retelling, concerned primarily with giving theological meaning to the history of the people of Israel.

We studied Exodus in this eleven part series, basing the series' divisions on the bible study From Slavery to Service: A Study of Exodus, by Diane L. Jacobson.

Presentations were by Linda Monyak and David Monyak.

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1: The Birth of Israel: Slavery in Egypt (Exodus 1:1-14)

2: Preparing the Way: The Women Who Saved Moses (Exodus 1:15--2:10)

3: Moses as Wanderer: Search for Identity (Exodus 2:11-25)

4: The Call of Moses: Mission in the Name of the LORD (Exodus 3:1--4:31)

5: The Plagues: God‘s Battle with Pharaoh (Exodus 5:1--10:29)

6: Passover: Celebration in the Midst of Sorrow (Exodus 11-12, 13:1-16)

7: The Red Sea: Singing the Song of Victory (Exodus 13:17--15:21)

8: Wandering in the Wilderness: Bread and Water (Exodus 15:22--18:27)

9: Coming to Sinai: Commitment to the LORD Who Saves (Exodus 19:1--20:21)

10. The Law and the Golden Calf: We Are Yet Sinners (Exodus 20:22--32:35; especially 24:9-18; 32:1-35)

11: Conclusions: The LORD Is Gracious and Merciful (Exodus 33:1--34:35)



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