"The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God" (NRSV)

Thus Mark the evangelist begins the first gospel, the first written witness to the good news of the life and death of Jesus.

We studied the Gospel of Mark in four sessions, using the book The Gospel of Mark (Interpreting Biblical Texts), by Dr. Donald H. Juel. Presentations were by Linda Monyak.

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1. Telling the Story of the Good News About Jesus the Messiah.


2. Jesus' Disciples and Opponents


3. Jesus Prepares for His Death


4. The Surprise Ending in a Gospel of Secrecy




The Gospel of Mark (Interpreting Biblical Texts), Donald H. Juel, Abingdon Press (October 1999), ISBN-10: 0687008492, ISBN-13: 978-0687008490