Physics and Faith

Can we find "rumors" of God in modern physics and astronomy? Can we learn something about God through science (“natural theology”)?

In this 5 part series, we explored some of the implications of discoveries in modern physics and astronomy -- relativity theory, the big bang, quantum cosmology, the anthropic principle, the nature of the quantum wavefunction, quantum entanglement, chaos theory -- for theology and our faith.

Presentations were by David Monyak.

Downloads: Overheads

1. Views of the Relationship Between Science and Theology

2. Rumors of a Designer, Creator and Sustainer. Part I. The Laws of Physics. The Big Bang

3. Rumors of a Designer, Creator and Sustainer. Part II. Quantum Cosmology. The Anthropic Principle

4. Rumors of a Designer Creator and Sustainer, Part III. The Ground of Physical Being in Quantum Physics

5. A Universe of True Becoming

6. Physics, The Fall. and the Final Things



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