The Suffering of God

The ancient Greeks believed that God, a "perfect being," must be impassible, incapable of experiencing suffering and pain. The ancient Hebrews however knew a far different God, a personal God whose image and likeness is reflected in our humanity.

In this series, we explored how the God as described in the Old Testament is a God "who suffers, . . . who has entered deeply into the human situation and made it his own."

Our primary reference was The Suffering of God. An Old Testament Perspective, by Terence E. Fretheim. Presentations were by Linda Monyak

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1. Introduction

2. Current Views on God in the Old Testament

3. God and the World and Foreknowledge

4. God's Presence and Power in the World

5. When God Appears in Human Form


6. Neglected Metaphors for God


7. Old Testament Prophets and the New Testament




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The Crucified God. Jurgen Moltmann. SCM Press. London 1974

A Theology of the Pain of God. Kazoh Kitamori. 1946